Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunday snooze

Tyler snoozed ALL DAY LONG.
So I took some quality time on the porch.
I don't do that enough.

Saturday night humidity

Dont want to cook. Dont want to clean. Dont want to go out. We went out. Trying to save money is HARD. But this was so much better than the pizza we were going to order.
Wish bone Turkish Coffee Grounds

T: This isn't just a blog about me eating and drinking. 
E: Um, yes it is.

House of Sun


This is Shay's. Shay's is in Harvard Square. How we have not found Shay's before, we have no clue. Because we really really like Shay's! Good beer, good underground coolness in teh humididty, good food, good bartender, good music. What could possibly go wrong? Nothin'.
Thursday night walk. Teele to Harvard. 2.6m

Some things!

Jess and I do design exhibit.

Manicures for bachelorette
Jess and I check out M3 in Somerville:

Gather Round

July 4th is my Dad's birthday! It was his Grandfather's birthday too! We always have a big big party with friends and family and kibitz and play games, and chat and catch up. And there's always a fair share of silliness. This year's fun can be attributed to Mary H. (next door neighbor celebrating another 4th bday at her house!) - knowing my Dad is such a good sport and a cool guy, she bought him his latest accouterments: 
Ohhh, Daddy-O!
Dad and his 'old lady' (motorcycle speak for Mom)

"Dad in the dew rag killn it"

Monday, July 9, 2012


A week and a half away and we are whisking ourselves through Seattle, Alaska, and Portland OR! It will be a crayzeee 12ish days! We can't wait to see our friends and the real deal on AK. If you want to see the real deal for yourselves, from your computer, check it out here: The Jay and Amanda Chronicles: Vermont to Alaska.

Of course we will update you on everything we see and do. Mundane and lovely every day things from the last week coming soon.

Any tips on packing light for 3 different weather climates? I need 'em! I need 'em now!