Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Au natural

Great Grandfather Cann would be proud, if not perplexed, by our asparagus 

Blooming rhubarb - so weird! I know, I know, we need to cut it
 Filling out lovely

Hope for strawberries

Friday, May 10, 2013


1st bass, 1st grass, and 2nd bass if the season!

And did mention it was a beautiful night?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I didn't want to go out in the boats...

But we did anyway!

We were going to go to a movie, bit got ouside and realized we couldnt apend such a nice day inside. We couldn't decide what to do and after rattling off about 50 things, we thought we might just wing it and walk it. So Tyler had to go back upstairs and get his walking bag, where via phone call, we decided to drive to Spy Pond and shore fish and then we could come home and rattle off 39 more ideas for what to do with rest of the day.

So we went and it was one of the most gorgeous public spaces we've been! Little fishing alcoves, landscaped, pathway, beaches. Ice cream truck came and we were its only customers despite a gaggle of kids, parents, grandparents. "kids in this town dont get to eat this shit," i said. "we eat this shit!" said tyler! and we do, and we did! stupid parents that shun the uce cream truck. i saw two kids not even give it a wistful look. brainwashed, i say!

So after like two casts, Tyler started getting whiney that we didn't bring the boats. Um, hello! Lets go get them then! We were literally 10 minutes from home, maybe less (thanks apple maps for making us think it was way further than actually is!).

We went back to house, with a pit stop to fishing store in the way which is equivalent to the candy store to Tyler - to the point where he randomly grabbed stuff off the shelves to buy (like when you actually figured out that in your blind candy frenzy that you bought the gross jelly beans but still eat them).

Ok, home, quick change, boats on, back to pond! Phew!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


First grill of the season.

Hanger steak, asparagus, corn, baked sweet potatoes. Beer and 3 bottles of wine. Friends.