Thursday, December 22, 2011

More than words

Why I should take the train home more often. I spring for a cab way more than I should or can afford. But this is a reason to take a long time getting home. I actually waited for my train to go buy to catch the later one so that I could hear more and had my camera!

Pachabel's Cannon on the subway platform on a HARP

Home for the holidays

NO WAY! We got a tree purchased, up, and decorated before Christmas Eve!

 ^Commissioned special to look like us from Woolettes. They rock!

Out new dwarf Meyer lemon tree! Courtesy of the Folks Cann.
A whole big lemon on it when it arrived! Can't wait to make (well, eat, for me)
fish and cocktails and pastries with our  own lemons!
 ^From Four Winds Growers. Can't wait to add to our collection!

As you can see, we are inheriting MamD's love of snowpeople. 

Mmm. Winter sun. It is actually 50 degrees today.

Birthday Weekend Part Deux - Oh my!

My lovely sister planned the second half of the weekend extraordinaire! We were supposed to go to a food demo? But Tyler and my train was late, so we missed that and headed over the Beehive with Jess and Shannon. Had a great time there - my favorite drink - the Persian Kitty. Positively delicious! Wonderful gifts (Thank you!) and then we headed over to 28 Degrees. I had my birthday headband just made and picked up from the porch by Jess! Thanks, again! People showed up to celebrate, we had food, drinks - frozen bellinis are amazing, btw!And , Surprise! There was a drag show! It was great! The place was packed. This is one of two amazing ladies at the show. The second did a running split slide! Wa-hoo! We ended up the night at Geoffrey's, where the dessert and shots and waitress were great - we told her about Brown Bird, I wonder if she went! 

I MIGHT show you more pictures of this night...but probably not! 

Brown Bird

The band that's named after a dog, and sounds so sweet. Brown Bird is from Providence, RI. But many would say they got their start summering at Star Island. Or at least maybe that's where they built their following. It is certainly why Tyler and I found them. Brown Bird would be classified probably as blue grass. I would call them melancholy and heart hurting in a good way. The way you don't want to stop. It just pulllls at your heart. You can feel it. Yeah, they are amazing.

Tyler got me tickets to the sold out show!!! My billionth birthday weekend surprise, Tyler got tickets to the show. We grabbed a quick bite at Hot Suppa, well, I mean we drank... Then stood out in the freezing cold. While we were waiting, a bunch of people cut us in line. I was not happy. I was cold! And we got to listen to the hap-happiest highest girl ever - who told us that we would looooooove Devil Makes Three, the headliner. Too bad we weren't there for them. Yep, we're those folks that went just for the band we knew. If we heard DM3. great. but it didn't really matter. She said it would be the BEST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES. Yeah, well.

We finally got in. We sat at a little cafe table in the back and soaked up the charm and took in a great show. Shipyard Prelude on tap. Perfect.

We highly recommend seeing a show at the Port City Music Hall. The space was beautiful, the bar was nice, it was a sold out show and still felt like there was breathing room. Nice VIP space, and good food (didnt have any, too many people). Staff was pretty nice, and again, beautiful space.

Tyler figured out that his 'life look' is shared by more than half the population as Portland, and he might not be as distinct looking up here as in Boston. Hmmm. We still think about moving up here. A lot!

Freezin' Evenen'

After Tacos, we continued back into downtown Portland. I had expected that we were going back to the hotel to change, so I hadn't really layered up for the evening. We were going to go to dinner in our fancy clothes but heard a couple of bad reviews of the place, so we kept walking and window shopping. And then I ran into a store and bought more clothes to put on. Scarf and furry finger-less mittens. Whew, it got damn cold out there! It was a good excuse for me to run into stores to look around and get warm, then pop out and into the next interesting looking one. They're all interesting looking, so we went into a lot! The town was really festive and nicely crowded. It was a fun weekend to be walking around at night with all the lights. 

Want to make this!

I want this to be our porch next year for the holiday!
We did not take pictures of the 'scary trees'
which looked similar, but had red trees and
yellow pods. I felt like we were in Return to

No words. You never know what you'll see in Maine!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

YUM YUM TACOS. Well, we didnt really eat any tacos...

I made Tyler go in. We JUST ate!

Look, I made my own photo booth!

what is bee pollen as a spice, anyway?

Amazing soup and drinks and atmosphere. I could have moved in and had the seating area as a living room. Mexican wedding cookies were petite and wonderful. Service was great. Tyler kept grumbling that I stop taking pictures, but how would I show you all this?

I told you we walked all day!