Monday, November 21, 2011

How's your Fancy Fascinator?

You may not know it, but my parents are pretty damn creative. My Dad loves to draw, collect and decorate, and artfully build sculpture. And is a self made mason. My Mom likes marketing, knitting, and has great ideas for making things already out there. For instance, fascinators. I had a ChristMake party yesterday at the house for those of us who can't really spend the big bucks this year, and really just want to make something anyway.  Wondering what I was going to bring for the party and what the heck I wanted to make myself, my Mom whips out a bag of feathers, barrets and a glue gun (and glue sticks, yes). I was going to make these for the church fair, but didnt, want this stuff? YES! And I found ribbon and beady baubles in my holiday centerpiece mismatch stash. And voilĂ ! Thanks Mom for planning ahead for me - as always! The girls at work better like these!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vase - 2

Watch out, I might spray paint your face next!

Vase 1 complete!

So lines aren't perfect, but it's a good first attempt!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vase project - Part Tres

More scraping.

Do you see who I see??? 

Vase project - Part deux

Taping is done, and we are on to spray paint! My nice hazy coating turned out a little dark, so I had to go back over. Obviously I need to clean up these lines a bit or I'm not going to have the crisp edges I want! All that burnishing time will go to waste! Well, this is what you get for spraypainting in the dark by the light of the hallway. Good tip - old carpet is a great thing to paint on. However, make sure it's flat, or you will get smudge lines like I did. Again, so much for that light hazy cloudy coat I was hoping for. Next coat tomorrow! In daylight, yes 

Paint says "no drip". Ha. Not true. To get the smooth finish I want, I had to scrape out the whole section. However, I think I got more drips in other places as a result of repainting it. Only daylight will tell! You might even be able to see the color of the paint then too!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vase Project - Part One

Been seeing these super expensive dipped in gold paint vases lately. I love spray paint and tape and vases. So I'm making my own version.

Three vases from GoodWill: $6.00
Painters Art Tape, various sizes: Art store.Various prices.
Spray paint - $3? depends on color and finish

Vase 1, Tape Design 1:


For more good things to do with old glass, check out Salvage Love here.

Project Night

A while back I got a rediculously cheap price on a cardboard put together Unicorn. Remember when you were a kid and you put together dinosaurs out of balsa wood cut outs, so it looked like a replica skeleton? Well, this one looks like a Unicorn trophy head.

I was supposed to give it to Tyler for his birthday, but forgot. And last night remembered it was in the closet and asked if he wanted it now, or for me to wait till Christmas. Of course he wanted it now. What is it? Oh, one of my crazy gifts that I dont know if you will like or not. But it's OK, it only cost $5 (down from $34 originally!). So much did he LIKE it, we had to put it together right then! We were already in bed for crazy sakes. But we made a fun project of it. And we're good helpers to each other. You know if we have kids, I dont know if we'd let them play with our toys!



Veal Stew

Is delicious. I highly recommend it. Cumin, veal, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes...Whatever secret ingredients Tyler adds. Yum. Savory. Delicious. 

Yeah, I know we need to clean it! Whatever.

Subway Wednesday

I getting to like Wednesdays very much. Even though they are an inherently stressful day, one which I need the car and have appointments, and it's so freakin' dark outside... But, my Love never ceases to surprise. He takes the train on Wednesdays, and I get subway flowers on the way home! Now, if you dont know what subway flowers are, you need to check out the lobby of the MGH stop on Redline. Sweet surprises for your honey and your wallet. The pictures speak for themselves. Plus there were perfect rose petals falling around the house. Le sigh.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Our gourd was stolen! Those jerks! Tyler was muy upset. So upset he walked up and down the whole street looking for his pumpkin gourd. If you see it, let us know! We're pissed! And frankly, Tyler's pretty damn sad about it. Boooooo to pumpkin stealers. You stink!

Have you seen this pumpkin gourd?

Heat Wave!

In case you hadn't heard, New England is having an unprecedented heat wave! Mid-60s all week, and it's NOVEMBER. I have seriously considered bringing legislation that everyone should get a "sun" day instead of a "snow" day every time the weather hits over 55 after November 1. We'd have this whole gorgeous week off instead of wasting it inside. I hope all you folks are getting as much as you can!

Which brings me to last night, a cool, crisp, unseasonably warm pitch black night. Day Light savings is getting the best of us already, so we are trying to enjoy as much of the warm air as possible. So decked out in sweatpants, sweatshirt, and knit hat, we hit the back porch. Perfect night for some smoke, hammock, and conversation with my love.

A Beauty

Our Bonsai Disaster

So over the summer we took an awesome bonsai class at Bonsai West in Littleton, MA. It was a couples class, and for a mere $135 we got a two+ hour training, and walked away with 3 plants, potted, trimmed, and ready to go!

Unfortunately, we are not good plant parents when it comes to fancy watering systems. The whole dunk and bubble and drain didn't really work for us. Whose sink is that big or that clean all the time? So here are our dried up specimens before they hit the compost. We do recommend going to this class, just be ready for picky watering systems that you may not be able to deal with in the winter. Or at all.

Tree in Compost