Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ants in your pants

I mean, worm in your bottle.

This is what a Tuesday night comes to, sometimes, in our house!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Can't wait for fishing! I ♥ my gear

Saturday, January 19, 2013


bar shine

Flower Sensai

Tyler did an amazing thing for my birthday/Christmas. He got me a floral arranging class and it was so darn cool! I've been chatting away about this for weeks. I kind of knew I had planted the seed of "what I want for my birthday", but as always, he went above and beyond. I got to go to the lovely Hanaya Floral Design in Huron Village, Cambridge. It was amazing right from the start walking into her sleek efficient white (all white in a floral studio?!) shop. Myself and two lady friends were the only people in the class and had all of Hanaya's attention. It was wonderful, starting with the tea.

I'm a good foam cutter.
It's actually called the "oasis" (it's like Zipper,
that's the name of the company, and it stuck to the object as well). 

I arrived and saw this beautiful arrangement waiting for me. I thought, oh crap, i have to replicate this! I thought I'd be better suited for a water color class at this point. Turns out, these are all the lovely flowers Hanaya had hand selected for me to use in my own arrangement based on a brief conversation we had had before the class. Each of us students had our on beautiful selection based on our personal tastes in flora. So nice! 

these little poufy darlings are called "mimosa"
- like the drink? of course, i asked. 

The beginning structure that I built my arrangement upon and around. Grassy sturdy flexible pieces that I chose to weave together instead of tie. I tried to use a little ingenuity instead of wire throughout.

My amazing arrangement! I'm so lovin' it, folks. I would make it again and again and again. I loved the process and the final product so much! 
one side
the other side

I wanted to take the rest of Hanaya's studio home with me. I did pay some dough to take a huge branch of french pussy willows home with me. You should have seen me walking to the car... thanks for not seeing me, actually. 

I had to ask Hanaya if she went to flower markets that no-one else did. I've never seen anything like what she has in her studio. 

Thank you, my darling Love. This was amazing. So totally amazing.