Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love things

Two things we love lately:I will get brand name of first shortly (spilled
wax all over hand trying to look after this
photo was taken. Yes, I blew it out first.
only half a dummy).

                     The second smelled like bourbon or just enough
                     whiskey to smell sexy, not boozy, when I bought
                     it. Now it just smells like cream soda to me. Jury
                     is still out on sexiness factor now.
                     I hope it turns back into whiskey!

Both purchased at D*Squared in Somerville, MA. You know, on that super productive day I had! Cute little shop. I've had mixed luck with candles there. One I thought smelled really nice in the tin, and when I actually lit it at home, Tyler immediately said it smelled like bug spray. And it did. We brought it outside for when we grill! Gross, though really. So be careful with those interesting scents! I also bought a dainty silver band. I wear it with my ukulele string ring. Some nice stacking going on there.

Hmmm, what day is today?

I am honestly not sure what we've been doing. I took yesterday off, and feel like today is Monday. Good thing it is not. Tomorrow we are going to a beer and pizza pairing dinner at Za in Arlington, MA. Never been before, so should be fun. You all know how we like the beer!

Tyler's colleague was going to buy succulents and asked Tyler out of the blue if he knew anything about them. As a matter of fact...And he used the blog to look up where I buy them from telling her that I'm pretty good at linking all our sources. Yippee! Now we can buy together and split shipping costs! Thanks, Succulents Galore for being such a good vendor!*

Tyler was singing funny songs yesterday when I got home. We met up with friends our favorite dive bar, he went home early, I got home, he was singing and I was lugging stuff up from the car. We got new glasses a la Christmas Tree. Yep, again. Thanks, Mom for picking these up! I had to reserve them because two stores had sold out of them! Nice recycled green tinged glasses. I had picked up two to see if Tyler liked them, because he decided he does not like my modge-podge of pretty two-off glasses that I pick up. So he did like them, but by time I got back to get more, sold out! Next store, sold out! I told CTS at 3rd store to set aside all they had left! So now I think we have 10 rocks type glasses and 10 water glasses. Good hand grip size and pretty!

* Yep, this is a bona fide recommendation. No compensation or request was given.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ma' Basil

I was so excited when my little basil clipping sprouted roots, and started to grow and grow. And now it's flowering, which I gather from Cousin, means it's going to seed. Anyone know how to collect the seeds for replanting? How dainty the little flowers are:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kayak - 3

Kayaking on Neponsett River. I got bites! Tyler lost his pole! Grumpyman


When you paddle through the graffiti and ignore (or visually crop out) the heaps of trash dotting and sometimes amassing along the waterline, it looks quite bucolic. 

Thought I'd let you in on  
what it sounds like to be  
under this bridge.  

Friday, March 23, 2012


Just a reminder. Today is March 23, 2012

There is no delay in this photo. I took it today, March 23, 2012. TODAY's blooms.


Had an epic day yesterday. Dropped Tyler off at work, and even though I DID NOT want to get up, I'm glad I did. From there I did errands, got breakfast, bought awesome new cologne for Ty (name to come soon, it is that awesome, and small shop). And then met my cousin back at my house, we ran upstairs to get ready, and then headed to the BEACH! Yep, remember this, 85 and gorgeous on March 22! We went up to Nahant, all the way to the point. The only reason why I know about this secret little spot is because there is a science center there. The beach is pretty secluded feeling, and they actually have sand this year! Usually just a pile of rocks. You've heard of Sanibel Island's shell stoop? Well, watch out for me here in Nahant! They have rocks I have never seen anywhere else. Deep purples, variegated greens, quartz yellows, speckled egg looking stones. Beautiful. Amazing view too. Katie was on a time limit, which was good, we didn't get too burned, collected rocks, layed in the sun on rock blankets (wink wink) and watched the ocean. I would have loved to spite my Mom's "you're not going SWIMMING, are you?", but alas, she was right. the water was downright fricken' freezing. And I've been in some damn cold water. So nice to still have sand in my shoes!

So after driving Katie back to car at Claremon15, I apologized and said Iwas not getting out of the car, because otherwise my productivity was going to plummet. Saw our neighbor, and off again out shopping. Spent a whopping $133 at Christmas Tree Shops. Yep, I go all the time. But, we now have solar lights, plant stand for our little lemon tree, ugh-ly area rugs that will be returned, gummy vitamins (the best!), a nice big glass for new terrarium (pics to come), snacks!, honey for our greek yogurt, ... you get the idea. Don't you just love a bargain? I totally do!

Man, I'm rolling in the sun (and feeling very dehydrated at this point, whereas I almost ditched my cart at CTS and bolted back to the car for home). But onward to Home Depot. Bought topsoil, poitting soil, grass seed, and quick drying cement tub. Because I love cement. And I'm going to make stuff! Thanks,, for your tutorial.

Ok, so on my way home, stopped by Tyler's favorite, Singa Bella, for tasty mediterranean food. I always forget that they have hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, and all that good stuff on the menu. So I took one home.

Home and brought food upstairs, downed some water, ate a little salad, and lounged while Tyler picked at the baratone uke. For like, a minute! Then downstairs, dug up strawberries (anyone want some?), to make room for other things in the garden. Because it never really froze, they just kept growing. Divided some rhubarb, hopefully it will take. And brought up all the crap from CTS. Then Tyler passed out on the couch while I did two more succulent arrangements.

Also some internet research. I am desperately trying to find cubed or round clear glass bud vases with teenie holes to yes, replicate something I saw for cheaper. I really like the Seed to Stem containers, and I've seen other folks use the same. I am not as fond of the designs. Dont worry, my own creativity, aesthetic, and design will be imprinted. And by the way, everyone is doing succulents right now. What's with that? I hate trends. I just like good damn design.

Yeah, I was beat. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012