Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Sunday, took a short walk.

Davis Flea -

Long line at cider doughnut place. So we went to farm stand got apple and pear. Actually looked around instead of speeding around.

You can get me this for my birthday! Half joking. Tyler was in. We negotiated a drop off at our house even! Vendor was really nice. Tyler's mind realing the rest of the day with ideas. I was thinking forsythia. He was obviously thinking bigger. Fish bowl.

Back to cider doughnut vendor. He is actually from Plymouth and is going to be at Armory Winter Farmer's Market this year too. Great Cape Baking Company. No doughnuts. I spotted the gallon jug of cider, and the guy even had two cups. We bought chedder bread from him too.

Took a walk to the bike path around the corner and had a snack.

We walked down to VFW to another indoor flea market. They wanted us to give up our beverages, so we didnt go in. Just gave the peak and burn.

Went to M3, sat outside. debated frog legs for a while. Again, did not want to give up our cider, we moved on.

By time we ended up at Newtowne Grille, we had finished our cider. Went in for a pint and football game. All of a sudden the bar pizza and chili cheese fries were upon us and we were wiped. We stopped in at Pemberton Market and bought the cheatingest dinner ever - pita and hummus and papertowels and went home.

Very weary. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rainy Sunday

We didnt do much last weekend, but we did manage to get
out of the house. Friday was spent waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to show up, which didnt happen. We rallied and went out for a couple of beers and met up with
a friend that we hadnt seen in a while. His roommate's mamma cat had 4 kittens. I cannot wait to see!

Opening parade for HONK, Somerville


Saturday we did nothing, aside from TV marathons, and then rallied again for a bachelorette party. So much fun. No pictures, please.
Bundled up. So cold outside

Sunday, again with the not doing much, however we did get our butts up and out the door for a late start to the Oktoberfest in Harvard Square. This was coupled with the annual HONK festival that goes on in Somerville and Cambridge. New Orleans all over again, sans walking drinks. We really missed the walking drinks.
Drinks and Oysters. Slllooowww kitchen, really good drinks and oysters.