Thursday, June 28, 2012



Let's not get lemons?

So pretty. So DANGEROUS.

Shmausage clouds

This one. I think.
Old Woman. Old Man.
            That guy:


It was a gorgeous gorgeous night. That perfect twilight when it has just cooled down from rain, thunderstorms on the horizon and the eye of the storm. Perfect time for grilling and finding funny shapes in the clouds. Fired up the grill and cooked Tyler's famous homemade sausages.

Lettuce from the garden, Tyler's homemade sausage! Now we just need to learn how to make mustard, and Tyler needs to get back in the bakery. We're pseudo homesteaders, but a good balance is always good. for sanity's sake.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hangry + Home

We actually were not angry at all. But definitely needed some food and a little leg stretch. Here, I lost my jig. Total bummer. But whatever, at least I know what a jig is.
And then it was lunch time. Did you see what a nice spread My Man laid out for us! 

Super soft sun-drenched cheese.
'Melted' sounds good when you say it like that,
doesn't it? 

The 'uncured' wild boar sausage
may or may not have been raw.
It was very good, nonetheless.

At one point, Tyler counted 12 cormorants on the wire.
I dont count these things. 

Tyler checking out the little house we deemed ours.
It's a shack, mind you. But we realllly liked it. 
While Tyler was checking it out, I was checking out the nesting Osprey with our new binoculars that are already falling apart. They are dang big birds! 
Back at the ranch. 

Knocked ourselves out on fishing and swimming and paddling and heat. Slept. Tyler watched the Olympic Trials. Now has an affinity for female track runners. Was very excited that they showed the hammer toss. The next morning the birds woke us up. I took an early morning swim. Floating in the ocean I thought about what I wouldnt give to have an outdoor shower at Grampa's trailer. The ocean is restorative.