Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My voting shoes

gear gear gear gear gear

Tyler is super excited about his gear for the rest of hunting season. I have to say, in the past, and still now, I have not been thrilled about hunting. However, with the amount of safety training Tyler has taken and that he still plans on continually taking, and the level of seriousness he has put into his classes, planned volunteering, and care of gear, I really have nothing to say against it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         So far, the people Tyler has met are all about conservation which makes sense, but is surprising and awesome to learn. There are also some pretty good laws on the books tying hunting and conservation together. Tyler: "Hunters are true conservationists." and probably spend more time caring for the land than they do hunting on the land. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, more gear.   

Remember, it's November?

 You wouldn't remember by looking at all these lovelies!

We tried going to Paddy's Lunch for well, lunch. We realized we were not local enough for that. We met up at Jose's instead. I was getting the car back from the painful brake repair, Tyler was scouting dining locations. 

Somewhere in Cambridge there is a fire station with this troll in it's window:

I could have listened to this guy's original songs all day. Loved his voice and lyrics and look.
 Ended up at Shay's. Yeah, well.

birthday love

We had a hurricane on Monday. Must have known Tyler's birthday was the next day. 
I quit class, met Tyler at the bar, met co-workers at the bar. Cake and whiskey and Magners and great people.

Tyler and I bailed on seeing Henry Rollins. Total shame, but we were having so much fun! Henry would bail on himself for good drinks and good company, I think.

Left BHP and went crawling in the rain.
Green Street Grill is amazing. Amazing short rib, amazing something Orchid cocktail, amazing macaroni and cheese. Oh yeah!

birthday martini

We stopped at Cantab after Green Street. Great bluegrass. May be our spot every Tuesday.

Whiskey from the crew. Fireball. Dont they know?
They should not make whiskey taste like cinnamon!

kickin it old school

Creative Powers Combined

Best costumes ever. We used them for like, an hour. We may need to break with our protocol and bust these babies out again!