Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's take a walk

Took a bus ride actually. Planned to go to the Armory. Ended up hopping a bust to Harvard. Because the bus driver actually pulled over for us. He said, you're going to Harvard right? We weren't looking a gift bus in the mouth. Popped out head in a few places and nothing seemed to interesting. So we went to the Hong Kong.

Our nemesis must be defeated!

So after some lovely potion, we were off to see the Museum of Natural History in Harvard.

This is on the walk, not the museum.
The exterior of the museum is ugly.

This is pretty evil looking. It's called a Mastadon.
'The animal, not the greatest band ever,' Tyler corrects.

Hi, I'm a sloth. Want a hug?
Pretty sure Armadillo plating is going to be the next fashion statement

Um, hi, can I help you?            
Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey!
Actually, these are apes.

Look at that honey badger. Honey badger dont give an eff!

That Lion thinks he's so awesome. Oooh, look at my mane, it's so pretty.
Oooh, I'm such a pretty lion.  He's right behind me, isnt he?

Do you know the secret of these flowers?

 Everything you see here is made of glass!

This is only half of the museum! A lot more up there than we expected. More to go for next time - geodes and such. My amazing city orienteering dumped us out on Mass Ave and we walked up to Porter Square. Picked up a cab, and immediately succumbed to couch lock. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I do have a hobby, damnit! Tyler bugs me all the time - you need to get a hobby, you need to start doing something. Then he looked at the plants all over the house. I guess you do have a hobby. Uh, yeah!

Back in CA, I was inspired. 

A little curiousity shop tucked away in the Mission. Flora and fauna and natural artifacts. I've been trying to find a good way to experiment with these little wonders ever since. 

A few years later, I am finally working on this project! Found bags of shells at Christmas Tree Shoppes for $8 each! Must be 5lbs of shells in each bag! While I cant use them all, most of them are perfect vessels for my little creatures. 

They even hang! Tyler is quite brilliant when it comes to solving problems. You'd never know there's a little button inside there keeping everything together on a string.

Felt a little primitave gutting this little sea star

One of the greatest compliments Tyler has given me in our lifetime is saying how professional they all looked and how impressed he was in the outcome. Thank you!!!