Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bar Crawl. You think we forgot?

Next day we DID walk. Hit up a bunch of bars this time. Hey, we saved the bar crawl to the last day we were in the city, that's pretty good for us!

Ok, there is a picture from the first bar we went to this day that Tyler took. I cannot show it to you. It's too scary! It is on my computer, which is too much for me already. Too scary. We went to the NocNoc - this place is creepy city! But the bartender was really nice. Tyler introduced himself. The bartender said, do you realize that my whole name fits inside your name? Seriously? The guys name is "Ty Duma". Totally cool weird! We sat for pints for super cheap and watched really gross zombie movies. They may forever be etched in my mind. Not in a good way. Not in a good way. 

The guy sent us packing - well, actually, he was sad to see us leave and even wanted us to come back that night, but alas we had a plane to catch. He sent us to Owl and Thistle bar, which our bartender at The Crab Pot had also sent us to. Nice. Guess what? It turned out to be The Boston Bar. Hahahahaha. 

This was on our walk to Owl and Thistle:   

So we had slept super late this day, but still had plenty of time. We went to 2 bars downtown, and then headed back to Cyclops so we could be close to our hotel and luggage and drink until the last minute before heading to the airport. Oh yeah, and because we were in love with all the artwork here and didnt take pictures before!

The owners and wife, made this! So freakin' cool. I wanted to buy it. Tyler did too.
Guess what this is made of?
Bread tabs! The other side are all orange and red and green and white. 

Totally got sick by end of our bar crawl. Never happens.
I started drinking the best looking virgin cocktail around. Basically a cran-lime rickey.
coolest tattoo treatment I've ever ever seen. Tyler thought so too.
Looked like chalk. glowing chalk. It was awesome. I dont mean that lightly.
Right outside our hotel. Didn't notice till we were standing on curb waiting to catch cab to airport.
Did I mention this hotel was awesome? Two guys went out of their way and down the street to find us a cab. 

needle needle

The bus took us to the Space Needle. We had been told not to go, not that exciting, not if you only have limited time... Huh, we're glad we went!

There's a monorail in Seattle! Neat!

Ever seen To Serve Man?
This installation is supposed to represent the natural grassland that was here before the city of Seattle. Hmm. 
Rich Hill

We went to a big food festival here. It was kind of fun, kind of scary. Very claustrophobic. And I'm not usually a claustrophobic person. Had some lemonade. Health inspector, please?

Chihuly. We've seen his work at the MFA, but it didnt look like this! 

Ok, so the whole trip, but mostly starting in Alaska,
I was seeing other things in objects, trees, mountains, etc.
Tyler thinks I'm cray cray. Let's just say I have a creative mind. What do you see here?
From the Space Needle we, just kidding. We took the monorail! We took the monorail back downtown. 
Busking is fully promoted in Seattle. You dont even need a license.
Then I think we took a cab home. I'm not really sure what we did that night. I know we didn't eat much that day, so we may have just passed out again. 

Hop On ...well, we didnt hop off really...

So after aquarium, we finally found the hop on hop off bus i had paid for a while back through deal site number a million. We hopped on, and took a pretty great ride.

Uniform pride

So  now every time he makes a snarl face, I'm going to.
more Uniform pride
yep, that's beach volleyball in the center of city!

Quick fact: Seattle has more dogs than children. By a lot.

read carefully before entering any bar

We actually took the bus to the Space Needle, but didnt get off, and kept going for the whole loop, and then back to the Space Needle. We are all for cheap transportation. We'd already paid for it!

Gridded streets are a wonderful thing, no?
This guy was the He was really positive, new sooo much information,
and made it relevant and engaging. The bus driver, not so much. We groaned every
time she took over the mic. This guy was really really good at his job. And we've taken
a few of these buses over the years. Maybe not experts, but we can spot someone
who knows his/her history from the opening sentence. Thanks, Dad! 

Olympic sculpture park

Used to be an old movie theater. Now a big box store. Actually really
impressed as to how the store preserved and restored the original
building. yes, i did give props to a big box store! no way!