Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Procurement and Awesome Food!

So in the spring a compulsive deal purchase took us to Littleton NH. The hotel/motel/roadside inn was terrible. Pots and Pans heat, could hear the reception desk through the wall. Gross... spare you.

One of the beautiful and etherial
murals in the Gypsy Cafe
We did find an amazing restaurant called Gypsy Cafe. Amazing bartender. She led us the right directions for our smattering of food choices. And the key lime pie is to die for.

The painting that Tyler
really wanted to take home.
we will go again and pick it up! 

We were completely enamored by the art and ended up buying our very own piece. Unmarked and unsigned. Then! Our friend Melissa sees it in our house and says she knows the guy who painted it! We think it is by Douglas Desjardins. Can anyone confirm?


                             Soul Twins in the Gypsy Cafe                                    Soul Twins in our home.

Thank you crappy hotel for at least getting us to the Gypsy Cafe somehow!

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