Sunday, February 3, 2013

harlequin beer

Tyler made more beer and I photographed - what else - the plants in our kitchen. 

Tyler and I made a fieldtrip to the beer store where we learned about fuggles and how they look like rabbit food and people who are curious about beer and people who are rude about beer. Tyler was being chided for his 'simple' recipe as we checked out, which prompted him to storm out of line and buy more stuff and come home and add everything in the fridge to this new batch of beer to complicate it. So, it has vanilla, chocolate, and all the frozen strawberries we had put away and never used last summer (or maybe the summer before that...). He calls it "shitty ice cream beer" otherwise known as harlequin ice cream - you know, the square box with chocolate  vanilla, and strawberry stripes. So this is the making process. And the documenter's   process which often goes astray: 


At the end of the whole syphoning process,
Tyler remembered that he used the wrong carboy, and was supposed to use a bigger one.
So he re-syphoned it, and disaster struck. Spillage, yeast, fermentation product, and more - all over the floor. So that if this is the best beer we've ever had, we're never going to be able to make it again, because who knows what portions of what were salvaged and what stayed on the floor.

Must bottle soon!

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