Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flora! Finally!

Tyler took me to the Boston Flower Show...wait for it...JUST 'CAUSE. Yeah, he kicks major butt. 

way old Brown Bird poster 
we saw on our walk
I have serious snail problems in my strawberry patch.
I should have gotten this book. 
My flower arranging abilities look a bit paltry next to these - 

I thought this one looked like jelly beans

Gloriosa Lily

So I asked the vendor what these were. he said "a terrarium". I said, [no sh*t] I know it's a terrarium. He said, oh, what are the plants? [Duh]. I dont know, i just got them at a local nursery. YOU ARE AT THE FLOWER SHOW. Know your product!!! ↓

This man made right
there all these pretty products. ▼

Tyler wanted this,
but it was very very expensive. 
Ranaculus. Some of my favorites.

Ephorbia obesa
tell me what these are!!!

Demoiselle Cranes
I wish these were calla lilies and not rolled papers. still looks pretty

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