Tuesday, October 25, 2011


New day, new sunny outlook, or at least after a while it got better. 

Ugh, bird was so cute when it was fluffed up
and washing itself. Now it's back to ugly pigeon land. 
Tyler's idol. 

That water is GREEN> poor guy
We went to Coop's place, which everyone recommended the rabbit jambalaya. I have to say, not so great. The lamb barley gumbo was good though! 

There was a store right around between ^ and (down arrow) here, that was offering FREE cardigans! Whoo hoo! We went in, had a complimentary mimosa (rosé champagne, major points), and walked around. We both admired and coveted the furniture more than the clothing! Beautiful antiques, distressed wood, natural trunk columns, a beautifully kept glass and wood display, and a rustic iron welded table... I could go on. No cardi, but what beautiful furniture. Went on to antiques store below. If I had some money and a truck...
Honey, will you make me this?

Walked down to end of Decatur just before Frenchman, and then got the call from Mom that they were ready to meet them at the ferry boat. So started walking back. Saw the lovely Joan of Arc on our way, then walked along the riverfront. Beautiful day. 
The lovely Joan.

*hey, did you notice only one little drink the whole time???

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