Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just keeps going

*Long post, no jump. Sorry, not sorry

I love my birthday more and more and more. Mainly because Tyler and my Family are amazing. Wednesday I had spa day with Mom - massage and pedicure. Then dinner with Mom, Dad, Jess, and Tyler. And hot cider! We went to Amrhein's in Southie. Says American cuisine on the front of the menu, but distinctly German. My duck con-fie and noodles were awesome. 

Tyler gave me a big faux fur blanket that i just want to cuddle in all day long. 

AND! He took me to Portland, ME! We took the train up and we were going to stay at another place, btu Tyler booked us the Pomogranate Inn again! Super special! We walked around all day on Saturday until we could check in at 4. Since we got up there at like 11? We had a lot of walking, er...drinking and eating to do! 


Mug Club.
I think it would be a pain in the ass
for the bartender to have to get yours down for you. 
Tyler got a royal beating in cribbage that whole weekend by yours truly.
I never win, so to win a few times in a row with monster points per hand was pretty awesome.
16 points in one hand! Crib not included!  

We walked all around the East End. Which we usually walk around the West End? I dont know, we picked a direction and went! Oh, that's not true. I had Tyler on another holiday market goose chase, the Portland-Flea-For-All. We didnt find anything to buy there, but really, I think we were just enamored by the puppies. A Walker Coonhound that was just the sweetest thing. And on our way out an English labrador with the biggest puppy paws ever! Only 8 weeks and was probably 25lbs! Tyler neglected to tell me there were 2 more floors of the market. We're going back. 

Ok, from there we really did just pick a direction and go. To the East End!

We got to a dead end, sort of - well, we were walking towards a highway. We could walk around the loop, or ... We could stumble down a hill and save 30 or so minutes. I billy-goated slowly but surely. Ended up in this places parking lot and took a moment on the well placed bench to adjust all our layers, socks, shoes, pack, etc. And eat some cookies we had picked up earlier. Well, I ate all the cookies. And my cider. Tyler had coffee, and said he didn't want any! I have no idea what this business had some neat geometry and organic shadowing going on! Tyler's boots needed attention  I took the opportunity to kill the battery on my phone: 

I really couldnt stop ranting about these cookies. Like sugar cubes melting in your mouth. 

I could so live in this chicken coop!
(people size, of course!)
I love it!
On the way to whereever we were going we saw a friend! Totally random! She quite literally ran into us! She was doing a pub run and on her way to the next stop! We said hi, followed her to the next stop, chatted, and then went on our way. Our schedules didnt match up for rest of night, but so neat to see her! 

Our new room at the Pomogranite Inn. We took a cab, we were cold and beat!

More feet

But our rest didn't last too long! Refreshed quick and went out again. 
Found a cute hat in a store, but my head is so gigantic it didn't fit of course. Red felt, wide brim with fold up, a bit 20's. Even Tyler, my worse critic, said it looked good! Stupid large head. Tyler bought a really kitschy coaster, but the saying on it was perfect. I think my sister should make these mermaid pants. 



Now you must know that Tyler did not want to go in to this restaurant at first. I caught a glimpse of the specials and forced the issue. Riot Punch and Lamb burger with goat cheese and spinach and glazed bun. Rare. And then tomato soup with grilled cheese with prosciutto  I don't think Tyler got enough to eat. I housed everything. 

 From Congress, we went to a bar we had been before with more cribbage. 

I know this picture stinks, but I really want this
"We proudly serve tap water sticker."
Let me know if you know where to find it!    

Then we just kind of went rogue  We found a bar with a pinball machine and ran around the house drinking and playing and being silly. The bartender made excellent shots. Tyler asked me the next day what the name of it was, I said "The oldest bar in Portland" It just said that on the wall. I think it was actually called Matthew's.
My phone bailed on me as soon as I was about to post this picture -
Pinball and White Christmas, what could possibly be better? 

Then we went to Dog Fish across the street and met a kid that reminded me of Zoolander and told him all about how to travel on the cheap in Europe. Get those Youth Cards! 

From there we walked through Fore Street and down a side street and danced to Michael Jackson being piped through a bar to the street, on which I fell over on the cobble stones. Got up and kept going down to the water front. Were going to go to Ri Ra for some live music, but stopped somewhere else on the way - there was a neon bar sign in the window - it was beckoning us. It was like an art studio with a beautiful blond wood bar, great beer on tap, popcorn machine and creepy penguin 3D art on the wall. Something between an art studio and a boat. Crisp white walls, blond bar, furniture, liquor shelves. Really cool. We started tapping out. Got outside and Tyler said we cant go home now! It's only 1130. We got in a cab and went home. Afterall, we started drinking at 9AM on the train same day, I think it was time for our lovely bed at the Inn. 

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