Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long Long walk

Sooo, I made Tyler go to a couple of craft fairs and crap. One was in Union Square in Somerville, one was at the Armory in Somerville. For some reason we started in Harvard? Oh, it was cold, and the shuttle bus was close. Took shuttle to harvard, and had some pizza at Otto's first stop. 

Close by: Mageritas at Border Cafe:

Neat barricades:

Dance Party after the 5K. You runners are crazy people.

Ah, Lovely Shay's

Bartender at Shay's found us some cards. When we asked him for paper and pen to keep score, he tried to find us a cribbage board. That's why they had the cards, afterall! No such luck. But he did let us know there was a chess board there for future reference.
Then bartender talked to other customers who wondered what to get. He told them they had cider and port wine. My ears certianly perked up then and I basically interrupted all of them and said I'll have one of those! He said now or after you finish what you have. Um, NOW. So So good!

Shay's decore
I think Indy stopped by
Never noticed this before. I've been coming to Harvard Sq for HOW LONG?

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