Saturday, January 5, 2013


1st weekend out after the holiday break. We took a ride on the subway, and i think to our mutal surprise, ran off the train at central. Not before seeing this little wookie, who, really, looks a bit like tyler, or vise versa. 

kinda lovin' this window display at A&C. I need to go in there more often.

We ended up at ZuZu. We were gonna go in, we weren't gonna go in... Finally! I saw the "Kathy Bates" breakfast on the menu outside, and was pretty much sold.

Strange little carroty ginger cocktail. 
It's like adding vodka to a V8

Tyler's drink had Blue Moon
in it and some other stuff

The Kathy Bates - 
Poached Eggs, over Fried Green Tomatoes
on an English Muffin, and the best home
fries I've ever had. Because I ate all of them.
And I hate homefries and usually eat only
one or two to be polite. 

On our walk back to train. Love this!

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