Monday, July 22, 2013

The Cape! PTown

After our swim, we took a drive, which we thought for a Monday would be a short drive. It was long. The traffic was awful. We were hungry. Getting hangrier and hangrier! Even ditching at that point would have made it a pointless drive to begin with, but I had a lot of complaining to deal with. But then we found this excellent bar first thing upon arriving. So things got exponentially better. Oh, and I beat Tyler at chess! So my day was sold! 

We acidentally hit the beach in our wandering, and hell did not freeze over, but Tyler took his shoes off to walk in the sand and water! This is a feat, folks. It was lovely. He even helped me find orange stones for my next gardening project. And I've never seen so many oyster shells in one place! Lots of projects to come! 

Lovely Long Island Iced Tea. 
Best I've had in a while. 

Anyone know what this sign means? 
we got a nice big sticky roll from here!

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