Thursday, September 29, 2011

Memorial Bridge -- First and last walk over

We finished up at the Fishtival and headed over to Memorial Bridge, both of us realizing we had never ventured there before. Not sure how that is even possible with all the time we've spent in P'th. The bridge connects Portsmouth to Badger Island to Kitter, ME. There is no longer any vehicle traffic, but pedestrians can still enjoy the seabreeze coming off Portsmouth Harbor. Memorial Bridge is dedicated in 1925 to those servicemen from World War I. It's scheduled to be dismantled the week of Oct. 3, 2011. Basically there is some state to state dispute over maintenance that can't be resolved. We did had a lovely walk.

Portsmouth, NH entrance. 

View of Portsmouth seacoast from Memorial Bridge


I love iron work in every possible way - geometry, texture, patina, juxtaposition and craftsmanship.


WWI Memorial to State of Maine Servicement. 

I'm a sucker for a beautiful habiscus.

My Grandmother made me so.

Look what we found in Kittery!
We also found the ice cream truck. Still awesome
even if you're damn near 30.

We made our way back to Portsmouth from Kittery with ice cream in hand. In between the two states is Badger Island. Not really sure what state it belongs to. Badger Island is known for its seafood. We found a pizza place instead. $8.50 for a pitcher of good beer. We sat down only to wish there was a pinb...Pinball machine! We found one tucked in the corner. Tyler kicked my ever lovin' ass.

One of the last times the Memorial Bridge will be raised to let through boats and cargo ships.
Glad we were on the bridge to see it. 

Memorial Bridge, Kitter, ME entrance.

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