Friday, September 30, 2011

Portsmouth Open Market

Quick trip to the Portsmouth Open Market (anyone familiar with SOWA? Same organizers). We did not see our friend's fishing lure jewelry, or Peppersprouts (my college friend's company!), but hear they will be back for the Halloween show. 

We did find amazingly good pretzels with yummy cranberry mustard. I wish they printed their website on the bag! But it's called Save Me Studios. Cute pop-up pretzel shop!

We also found some great Christmas presents - yep, I said the C-word. 

We also saw some pretty burly brussel sprout stalks. Can't wait till ours start to develop veggies! They are the neatest thing to look at - People walking around with brussel sprouts over their shoulder!
Walking back to the car to head home: 

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