Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Fare

More like - let's eat a ton of food. Tyler was super excited about the eating prospects at the Harvard Square May Fair before we even started. He was dancing around the house thinking about all the food he was going to eat. Well, we did it up straight. 

The anatomy of something Tyler eats -
folded and sandwich like, at all times!

I swear this dog had lips. Gross.

The anatomy of drinking beer by Tyler.
                     Drink                                                    Drip                                                       Dry

We found out that you can grow your own edible mushrooms out of a bag. Check it out? Shady Oaks Organics

I so wanted to steal this little guy!
Hipsters and Hippies are NOT the same!
How to convince the landlord we can 
have chickens in our backyard? Suggestions, please!

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