Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saturday Walking

After finally getting off the couch - what do you want to do? I dont know, what do you want to do? do you want to do this? silence. What do you want to do? (and we totally got sucked into a bad SyFy movie. How does it DO that???). FINALLY, we decided to go to the museum. But we got off at Park Street to walk to our transfer at Downtown Crossing because we were so hungry. Thought it would be a nice brief interlude before the rest of our journey. Of course we got off track. Someday we will get to the museums of Boston!

Why aren't you taking pictures?!

Which way should we go? 

That way! I see tents! And we did! The Roseway* was having an open market
                      And we thought everyone had left town for the weekend! Nope!
                                            *It's actually the Rose Kennedy Greenway, I just like to combine words. 

I really like that elephant!
I thought this said, "Buy Fresh, Buy Local, Buy Men"
Mei Mei Food Truck. Rhubarb. Oh Boy!

yeah, gone!

szechuan asparagus with poached egg. oh sooo good

I'm sure Ty approves of all these photos
of him eating that I post. 

I loved this woman's dress

Egg Lips

Tyler waiting verrry patiently for his hotdog. 

Our next stop on Food Town Eat Your Face

While we wait.

Ope, not Tyler's!
Tyler's twin behind him???

Saw my Dad at the Boston Harbor Island's Pavillion. He's a Ranger!


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