Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brown Bird

The band that's named after a dog, and sounds so sweet. Brown Bird is from Providence, RI. But many would say they got their start summering at Star Island. Or at least maybe that's where they built their following. It is certainly why Tyler and I found them. Brown Bird would be classified probably as blue grass. I would call them melancholy and heart hurting in a good way. The way you don't want to stop. It just pulllls at your heart. You can feel it. Yeah, they are amazing.

Tyler got me tickets to the sold out show!!! My billionth birthday weekend surprise, Tyler got tickets to the show. We grabbed a quick bite at Hot Suppa, well, I mean we drank... Then stood out in the freezing cold. While we were waiting, a bunch of people cut us in line. I was not happy. I was cold! And we got to listen to the hap-happiest highest girl ever - who told us that we would looooooove Devil Makes Three, the headliner. Too bad we weren't there for them. Yep, we're those folks that went just for the band we knew. If we heard DM3. great. but it didn't really matter. She said it would be the BEST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES. Yeah, well.

We finally got in. We sat at a little cafe table in the back and soaked up the charm and took in a great show. Shipyard Prelude on tap. Perfect.

We highly recommend seeing a show at the Port City Music Hall. The space was beautiful, the bar was nice, it was a sold out show and still felt like there was breathing room. Nice VIP space, and good food (didnt have any, too many people). Staff was pretty nice, and again, beautiful space.

Tyler figured out that his 'life look' is shared by more than half the population as Portland, and he might not be as distinct looking up here as in Boston. Hmmm. We still think about moving up here. A lot!

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