Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freezin' Evenen'

After Tacos, we continued back into downtown Portland. I had expected that we were going back to the hotel to change, so I hadn't really layered up for the evening. We were going to go to dinner in our fancy clothes but heard a couple of bad reviews of the place, so we kept walking and window shopping. And then I ran into a store and bought more clothes to put on. Scarf and furry finger-less mittens. Whew, it got damn cold out there! It was a good excuse for me to run into stores to look around and get warm, then pop out and into the next interesting looking one. They're all interesting looking, so we went into a lot! The town was really festive and nicely crowded. It was a fun weekend to be walking around at night with all the lights. 

Want to make this!

I want this to be our porch next year for the holiday!
We did not take pictures of the 'scary trees'
which looked similar, but had red trees and
yellow pods. I felt like we were in Return to

No words. You never know what you'll see in Maine!

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