Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chess - Check Even and a birthday shot!

Got to bar, settled into booth, broke out chess board (literally, I broke it, but we fixed it). Bartender asked "Where's the campfire." haha. wish he had one! 

K-Park walked into the bar. What do you do when two of your friends have a love child that walks into the bar? You take a picture!* Seriously, our two male friends did not have a love child, but we think this is what that might look like! (*picture to come)

This was so not planned or let happen by either side. This is the best game I think we've ever played. Even Kings! Who does that? 

So we got carded at the BoomBoom Log Cabin - And the bouncer realized my birthday was coming up, but the bartender didn't! So I told him so! And here's my reward:

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