Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Phone home

My phone has been lost for like 3 weeks now. I've come undone. I am not constantly checking it at all hours. I am on my laptop all the time, but no more checking FB and Twitter right before turning out the light and going to bed. No checking work email on the way to work. It's been liberating at times, and also making me anxious! And of course, I have no camera phone, which is my picture taking lifeline. We have a digital camera, but it's such a pain. I have to find the cord, make sure the battery is charged, keep it plugged in while it uploads and inevitably falls into the couch cushions or gets detached or jostled. Then if my computer could ever find the pictures! So I have to Google and find an alternative way to find them, because I can't find the folder on my Mac (one complaint I have about Mac - no folder I can go to for all my external drives - Pictures, Flash Drive, BB, etc.). So I CANNOT wait for my new phone to come. So many instances in the past few weeks where I've passed up taking a picture. Frustrating.

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