Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Placement

I finally found some posters I've been coveting of places we've been for a reasonable price! I got the New Orleans one from DeeDee:914 on Etsy. I found the other two art prints by Hero Design Studio on * (which truly is Fab). I love that the San Fran and Chicago prints match, but wish I had looked around a little more. I found some awesome Chicago prints on Etsy. But I love that these three have the teal sky blue theme and wanted a common thread through our travelogue series. 

So then I framed everything, getting awesome prices and fitting all my odd sizes from Art to Frames. I usually get all my frames from Christmas Tree Shops, but they dont have large sized white wood frames. If you look at the rest of our house (besides the historical documents below), EVERYTHING is in Christmas Tree Shop white wood frames. Had to find something to match. Now, we're not sure about placement in the house, or even order of these prints. I do love them against the orange walls though. What do you think?  
*disclaimer: If you sign up for Fab using this link, you will get a $10 credit. I will get a $25 credit from your first purchase. And if you get people to sign up, and so on.

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