Monday, January 30, 2012

Cupcake supper

Key Lime Cupcakes. Do I need to say more? No, but I will. Tyler asked what I wanted for supper. Since I knew I wasnt going to feel well enough in the next few days to eat much, I answered Cupcakes. Of course he smiled and said Ok. He is the best, ya know! Oh, we had a little turkey chili too. When I say a little I mean small side salad size bowl of chili to like 6 cupcakes. Ogle those key lime deliciousnesses!

Tyler of course made up the recipe. Knowing how much I LOOOOOVE key lime pie (I promise it's not of a certain SHO series level). We have here a white cake, lime juice and zest base. And some secret ingredients that make them MOIST-ass cupcakes, not dry-assed cupcakes.
Tyler says the dents help hold on the frosting.
I am skeptical that he is just hiding that he squished
their brain tops trying to get them out of the pan...
Top with cream cheese lime frosting and coconut and farkles. Yep, not a spelling mistake.  Viola!                                  

Some delicious turkey chili.

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