Thursday, January 12, 2012


We have been searching for a map on which to catalogue our travels FOR EV ER. Nothing really felt right in color, design, or interaction. Until I found this great map by Luckies. Not only does it feature our love of travel and where we've been, but it's like a giant scratch ticket! And if you know me, you know I like a little scratch on a bar night. Tyler drinks, I play scratch tickets. We probably spend the same amount of money, and we both get a little vice fix. Don't worry, it's like twice a month! Geez! Anyway, now I just have to spend a TON of money to go to a new place to come back and scratch off our destination and reveal the country we've just been to! I would have loved it if they outlined each state in the U.S. but alas no. They stopped at countries. But they do reveal state capitals! It was kind of a pain to frame and we definitely got out the Modge Podge to accomplish this one! All said and done, it looks pretty great. Now to figure out where it's home will be in the house. For now, it is here:

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