Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday Funday

I took the day off yesterday just to take a "Sun"day. It was beautiful! About 64 and not a cloud in the sky. On Thursday I had emailed my boss ... "ummm, since Monday is supposed to be near 70, can I get first refusal on a day off?" My boss is so awesome - Yes!

It's so nice to do things during other people's business hours. Some of you might wonder why I dont use Saturday and Sunday to do errands. Every try going to the shipping store, cobbler, make returns at the retailer, call the dentist office and doctors office on the weekend? Doubt it. The fact that I can do all of that in an hour on a weekday, and it would take me the weekend and all my lunch breaks to do it otherwise is ridiculous.

So I cleaned the house, watered and rearranged the plants again, and got all my errands done. And still had time for a lazy evening of TV with Tyler and taping for my next project. More to come on that. 

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