Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vase project - Part deux

Taping is done, and we are on to spray paint! My nice hazy coating turned out a little dark, so I had to go back over. Obviously I need to clean up these lines a bit or I'm not going to have the crisp edges I want! All that burnishing time will go to waste! Well, this is what you get for spraypainting in the dark by the light of the hallway. Good tip - old carpet is a great thing to paint on. However, make sure it's flat, or you will get smudge lines like I did. Again, so much for that light hazy cloudy coat I was hoping for. Next coat tomorrow! In daylight, yes 

Paint says "no drip". Ha. Not true. To get the smooth finish I want, I had to scrape out the whole section. However, I think I got more drips in other places as a result of repainting it. Only daylight will tell! You might even be able to see the color of the paint then too!

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