Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well, it all started when Tyler surprised me by wallpapering the freezerbox with some of my wrapping paper. I never thought he would do it because I suggested wallpapering it another time, and he was not into the idea. I love love love it! So glad he did it. A beautiful spark of inspiration.

 Then our inspiration went further, and I should credit Tyler again - Why dont we put all the stuff we collected from our trips (Europe 2 1/2 months!) on the fridge? But what if we move? I asked. We'll take it with us! We can mount the door on the wall! Nice. Here we go.

 Lots of edited stuff - 

Cali, Passport beer fest, Halloween, Star, Europe, beers, Matt and Lisa's wedding, Disney, Monopoly

My honey helper monkey
More collected stuff! This side is from Chicago
More Chicago

Ta Da! 

We're getting there! More to do on the front, and then we move on to the left side! 

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