Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project Night

A while back I got a rediculously cheap price on a cardboard put together Unicorn. Remember when you were a kid and you put together dinosaurs out of balsa wood cut outs, so it looked like a replica skeleton? Well, this one looks like a Unicorn trophy head.

I was supposed to give it to Tyler for his birthday, but forgot. And last night remembered it was in the closet and asked if he wanted it now, or for me to wait till Christmas. Of course he wanted it now. What is it? Oh, one of my crazy gifts that I dont know if you will like or not. But it's OK, it only cost $5 (down from $34 originally!). So much did he LIKE it, we had to put it together right then! We were already in bed for crazy sakes. But we made a fun project of it. And we're good helpers to each other. You know if we have kids, I dont know if we'd let them play with our toys!



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