Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We had big plans to snowshoe to Lonesome Hut. Got up early in the morning and Tyler said what was on both of our minds. We were tired, it was cold out, it was a 4 hour round trip (3h hiking, 1h resting and looking at lake from hut) and then we had 2.5 hours home. So so long. We checked out and got yummy homemade apple walnut cranberry tons of brown sugar muffins from HH Inn. We drove through Bethlehem, NH where nothing was open, we took pictures of the mountains. We started to head home. And then got intrigued by The Basin. What's The Basin? I don't know. Want to pull over? Yea, I do. 
So we took a little hike. Actually, we found out we could have done Lonesome Hut from here, but it was 2.5 mi each way. Not even going to try. We did find a nice .5 hike to the Falls and back. Yeah, I can do that!

I've been inspired to take a tracking and orienteering class. 
I'm making Tyler take them too. He gets lost very easily.

Tyler was not excited that I took pictures of pinecones so phone battery went before I could take photos of actual Basin.

Do you see our little friend hiding in the snow?

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