Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Horse and Hound Inn

The last place we stayed in Lincoln, NH was a DISASTER. So I searched for a place that did not remind me of Arsenic and Old Lace. Meaning - no lace, canopy, 4 poster, granny-ness, carpet, or chintz. So I had to start looking outside of Lincoln! Found - the lovely Horse and Hound Inn

Spare bedrooms, no TV or radio (lovely!), and very clean and tidy. A little noisy on their apr├Ęs ski evening. But they were very kind to give us earplugs and ibuprofin. Likely fine if we hadnt driven so much that night. It was nice to hear Sinatra floating up the stairs. Beautiful library and bar. We didnt eat there, but they sent us off the next day with homemade muffins. So good!

There were 2 dead ladybugs...but this
 little guy hung out with us all weekend. 
Just me liking the juxtaposition of all the colors and textures.
So nice to wake up to snow - in someone else's backyard! 

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