Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So each Valentines Day I hark back to my high school Latin days, and while 3 years didn't really help with my SAT scores, it did help me with the Readers Digest vocabulary quiz (which by the way, make it difficult again! I need to put my word origins to use!). Anyway, I DO remember the holidays, Lupercalia in particular, and I know VDay is about men running around town slapping ladies with goat skin so they have a better chance of getting knocked up. (Ms. Lambert would be so proud of my modern day vernacularly correct explanation of Roman yore.)

Here's to not needing to go there and a whole lotta love at the same time!

And My Love still likes to make a big show with sending 24 ruby reds to the office. Um, yes I brought them all home and didn't share! Plus, the purchase of these flowers serve dual purpose as the cost is donated to a local radio station we love, NPR/WBUR. But enough about that, on to the flower show! Thank you, HB!

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