Tuesday, February 21, 2012

gypsy cafe

We drove and drove and drove. Well, I drank and drank and drank first...

As you know from a previous post, we have a penchant for some art we found at the Gypsy Cafe right around the same time last year. We bought Soul Twins, but Tyler has not forgotten the sister painting and has been wanting it all year. So I called, I negotiated the price down, and then planned a weekend away. We were supposed to get up super early on Saturday morning so we could get up to Franconia, NH and have a whole sunny day there. Well, this girl decided to finish out her work week drinking milkshake sized white russians. And didnt get much done around the house on Friday night aside from getting to bed in one piece. As a result, the early morning get-up was less than such. So we started out around 430pm and made it to the Gypsy around 8? (We checked in first). 

The place was packed. We sat down at the bar and ordered, told the owner we were there for the painting. The bartender was about to tell us what was on our mezze plate when I interrupted and said "i hate to be rude, but can you pack this up and give us the check?" Tyler got the painting in the car and we bailed. We were tired driving monkeys. 
She's back there! And now she's home!

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