Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter planting

We went to Jeannie and Wade's for dinner (Cousins, Mother's side). jeannie has cultivated a Jade TREE. I've never seen a jade grow so big. It was probably 3ft tall? She very kindly let me take a few ground shoots. Here they are in their new home:



Our Jade at home has this disease: Anyone want to comment on what it is? It creates holes in the
                      leaves. Also, the leaves aren't looking very
                      plump or healthy in color. And while I know it is
                      a slightly different kind than 
above, I think
                      there is something 
wrong. Any comments would
                      be most 

In the meantime, I also got more succulent cuttings,
so after a really nice dinner and after we got home, Tyler napped and I set about doing more planting.
Lots of neat new things in the delivery box this time!

   Some vintage glass of my grandmother's                                             Plant menagerie

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