Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday Saturday Sat-ur-day

Saturday we took a walk on what seemed like a pretty gloomy day. We started up in Teele Square, Somerville, and walked from there all the way down to Beacon and Kirkland Street in Cambridge. We stopped at Newtowne Grille on Mass Ave in Cambridge. Just the right amount of honky yonk on the radio. Also some Toadies, Bonnie Rait, and just a really fun mix of stuff on the jukebox. I was dancing in my booth. Tyler was embarrassed. Whatever, he was singing out loud! Of course we see people we know every-time we go somewhere, this time was no exception. Next time was no exception either! We're finding everyone's 'other' little haunts...when they're not at their regular haunts. 

From Newtowne, we kept walking and ended up at R.F. O'Sullivan's. We've both heard great reviews, but the place was jammed, so we got sat in the back corner hallway right next to the service station and in front of the bathroom and generally in the way. Beers were drunk and we continued on ourway in like 15 minutes. Then on to the store where I got grapes to cleanse my beer breath, Tyler checked in, and oh yeah, I got sea salt caramels too.

Thirsty Scholar. Love this place, just for how it looks. I think they should take out the middle section and make it cozier though. That would take a pretty amazing feat of engineering though. Please, shrink this building for me, contractor? 

Lemon + beer love: 

Can you see the moon? It can see me! 

color block

Cab back to our favorite haunt. THE haunt.

Seen when I was getting coffee for my Irish
Home. More drinking!

Check it out! Plaque custom made by Pepper Sprouts!

Tyler was very excited to buy and consume this wine. Pretty much because if I won't let him have a real battle ax, he has decided he's got to get it any other way he can!
We had a lovely time drinking and listening to music and just sitting chest heavy on the back porch. The day was not gloomy at all. The sun came out, it was perfect walking weather. We did try to go out again, but were back before even having half a beer. Good sleep was got. 

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