Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Polaroid fun

I love my Polaroid app! Especially since I love love love Polaroid and now can't get any anymore. 

Review on Polaroid's new products: 

I think this is silly. Why do I want to carry around a printer? I know, it prints your mobile photos. But I just want my polaroid camera. This seems like too many steps. If I have to carry my phone and my printer, again, I would rather carry my phone and my CAMERA. However, I'd like to know if this film would fit in my old camera??? Hmmm. I doubt it. Just make the film, please! Oh, and the film is JUST AS MUCH as it was before!? $1 a photo. Hmm. Why develop all these fancy new products when you could just mass produce the film and sell it for less? More product, more availability, more profit? I don't know. Put all your eggs in a few baskets? Not a bunch of new ones. I kind of like this digital camera, but for $300 for the camera alone, then $20 for each pack of film. You are out-pricing your market, Polaroid. We are hipsters, not richsters. 

For now, I'll stick with my free app. And hope that the original film I have stashed away will still be good for my wedding and my babies.

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