Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Another beautiful Saturday, another city walk. Our destination - MFA, Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and/or Jamaica Plain, Arnold Arboretum. We never made it. To any of them. (we would have made it to MFA, but it closed at 445. On a Saturday. What gives?) 

Starting out every day, this is our view. 
You can see the Prudential Tower in Boston from our main street in Somerville.
Tyler's favorite view from town. Reminds him that work is there, and we are here. 
He can go there anytime, but he can still come back home and escape the city.
Juvenile, I know, but I cannot help 
but squealing PUPPY! to every sweet dog I meet. 
This one was HUGE. Puppy, none the less.

Love this house! 
On Commonwealth Avenue
Did we mention, they have a gardner. 
Hello Mr. Gardner in the window!

OOh, and they have our favorite 
kind of car out front! 
We love the house even more!

Creepy Alien Tree Cat!
Love that door. Window. 
What is it? I love it.

Some neat details> Love the woodcut type treatment on walls. Decor was nice, but a little mishmashed in a non-cohesive way.

Primo Real Estate

This poor lion looks so sad. 
I wonder why he is weeping?

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