Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well, we knew that the Davis Flea was going on, and a few leftover Pride events, so we set out in the city for another adventure. Little did we know how far it would take us. 

Walking Somerville: 
We didnt buy any ephemera, just cider doughnuts

Red Line to MGH Boston: 

Walking Charles Street: 

Boston Public Gardens: 

We stopped at Our House for a much needed drink.

Somewhere on Huntington Avenue, Mission Hill: 

When we couldnt find anything, someone found us! Some great inspiration.

Well, I guess it wasnt inspiration for us, but it kept us motivated!

Random on the sidewalk of Brookline.

Turned out to be this place

Jamaica Pond: 

Arnold Arboretum: 



Desperately looking for the train

Remember those doughnuts
we bought at the beginning
of our trip? They melted. 


  1. Whoa, girl! You went on quite the adventure! So did you not get to eat the cider doughnuts? If not, that's a tragedy. Those are so delicious!

    xoxo, me

  2. We ate two out of 5! Tyler didnt want to make change, so we bought five. Should have gotten those bucks back! But we'll chalk it up to a nice tip!