Monday, June 25, 2012


Ran from the house down to Cohasset to the South Shore Music Circus. Found great parking. Our secret! We were able to zip in and out super easy and avoid the parking lot. Anyway, I digress. Willie was great. Man, he is starting to show his age, but that voice has not changed. Maybe gotten better. We were definitely in the minority age group, but there was a woman about my age who knew all the words to the songs. And a gentleman behind us MmmMMMing to about every song. Oh, we just laughed! Willie's hair is luxurious. He looked like a luxurious ghost as his hair feathered in the breeze. The weather was perfect. We were in a tent and it was just a little humid, and the stage rotates, so you get full view of everything going on. The pianist was probably the unsung hero of the night. The harmonica-ist (? how do you say that?) was really really good. The upright bass was the most attractive and least played. The drummer looked like he was about to fall off a horse. And then Willie. Willie was just wonderful. I swear he smiled and waved at me! 

Look at that silky ripply hair. i wonder if he conditions.
LOVE the woman wearing the bandanna Willie threw at her!
Her friend caught it and promptly handed it over!

Roll me up and smoke me when I die. WN

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