Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Noise Polution

I don't know about city living for you, but the noise pollution for us is horrible. It only happens on Sundays in the summer, but the family behind us sings karaoke all day long at top volume. It is terrible, constant barrage of sound for like 6 hours straight. I'd call in a noise complaint, but then it would be printed in the newspaper. While our other neighbors (the entire two back to back streets) would probably thank us, I'm still not sure if it's worth it. So much for mowing the lawn (ha, that was us being nice to them!), and grilling outside, or sitting on either of the porches - especially not the back porch and hammock. We need soundproof windows. It was such a nice day for being outside around the house too. Finally we couldn't stand it anymore and escaped. Took a nice long walk along part of the Minuteman Bike Path and then veered off and stumbled upon José's. I knew it was there, we just had to find it! And we did. 

On the way home we got kinda-sorta lost and found this lovely PINK door! I want it!

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