Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Market

I got out of work a little early,
and made it home in time to go
to the Davis Square Farmers' Market.
That never happens! It closes at 6,
so for those of us who work 9-5 with
an hours' commute, it's virtually
 impossible! But today,
I made it!

Who eats radishes? They just look pretty. I'd buy them just to hang out on my dinner table for a centerpiece. But really, that would be a waste. But look at that color! 

These are Forget Me Knots.
I learned to draw them with 
Aunt Helene, my Dad's 
Godmother. It was probably 
the first drawing lesson I ever 
had around my Grandparents' 
kitchen table. We would always 
color the center yellow with 
a dash of red.
I bought: Two French lavender plants. Lovely.;
two coconut macaroons from The Danish Pastry House. I just discovered this place last weekend, and when I saw them at the market I was delightfully tickled and immediately inquired about the macaroons. They are delish!; Babaganoush. } =$17                                                                                                       

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