Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seattle: Seaport, Aquarium, Food (duh)

We didn't think the aquarium in Seattle was that great. But looking at these pictures again, it was pretty darn cool! It's in an old building, looks like maybe a ship building building. Refurbished wood is beautiful.

Took this side angle to make me realize this was a clam of some sort. Above picture shows more ambiguity!

This poor little yellow fish was swimming backwards furiously 
to get away from the other fish POKING it in the eyeballs! 
I started yelling BULLY in the middle of the aquarium. 

Hey, Capps! Check it!

These guys are so frebbin' cute!

 This place was awesome. No joke, it was at theend of the the pier with the tourista vendors and ferris wheel and all that. We werent too excited. DUmb. Best bartender - she was a firecracker! best beer, best food. We had a mini-beer tasting, heard all the local gossip, and got great suggestions for places to go. Winner winner fish fried dinner! 
Yep, again.

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