Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pikes Place Market. I mean, "OH MY GOD, THE FLOWERS"

I mean, really, LOOK AT THESE FLOWERS!
This pic is def for Jess!

Did I mention how CHEAP 
the flowers were? NE, get a clue!

Ty got us cherries. YUM
Lotsa Parrots in this town

here fishy fishy! 
When the guy asked me if i wanted to buy anything,
I said no, we are going to Alaska to catch our own.
Famous last words! 
This is absolutely disgusting, what is coming up. But oh well. When in Gum Town!

Tyler has informed me that this needs more of an explination. This is a section of about 3 door fronts that is completely covered in gum. See, you didnt want to know, did you? Says our tour guide on the bus (to come), it started because this was the back alley of a comedy club and the talent used to stand out back and stick their gum on the wall just before they were about to get on stage. I guess it accumulated enough to catch on and now everyone does it. They write thier names in gum. They lick the gum that's there. It is completely revolting. There was one guy there with his kids and wife and he said distinctly and forcefully, "No, We are NOT taking pictures."

Rock Lobstaaa!
I'm gonna eat'chyu!

Some neat ways to recognize donors to the area...
Bathrooms. Othello Game. You decide.

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