Thursday, August 23, 2012

needle needle

The bus took us to the Space Needle. We had been told not to go, not that exciting, not if you only have limited time... Huh, we're glad we went!

There's a monorail in Seattle! Neat!

Ever seen To Serve Man?
This installation is supposed to represent the natural grassland that was here before the city of Seattle. Hmm. 
Rich Hill

We went to a big food festival here. It was kind of fun, kind of scary. Very claustrophobic. And I'm not usually a claustrophobic person. Had some lemonade. Health inspector, please?

Chihuly. We've seen his work at the MFA, but it didnt look like this! 

Ok, so the whole trip, but mostly starting in Alaska,
I was seeing other things in objects, trees, mountains, etc.
Tyler thinks I'm cray cray. Let's just say I have a creative mind. What do you see here?
From the Space Needle we, just kidding. We took the monorail! We took the monorail back downtown. 
Busking is fully promoted in Seattle. You dont even need a license.
Then I think we took a cab home. I'm not really sure what we did that night. I know we didn't eat much that day, so we may have just passed out again. 

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