Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seattle - The Beginning

Not gonna lie, it's been a while since we've posted, I lost this post, cried a bit, and then went on hiatus. So so sorry for the delay, but I was mentally not on it. Here we go again!

Seattle! Seattle was NOT what we expected. I know you're not really supposed to expect anything when you travel --leads to a lot of disappointment -- but this just wasn't it! We expected something akin to Portland, ME, Burlington, VT, San Francisco...trees. We expected more trees, I think. Yes, even for a city. We drove from the airport to the city and a likened it to Chelsea, MA. Not what we expected. We did go to Capital Hill, not the bustling little college neighborhood we expected. It was really hard to stay within the two streets of  'cool'. And NOTHING was open. It was a Friday afternoon in the middle of a big city! Super quiet, no bustling, no savory noise. Nada. We made a go of it though! 

Stayed at the best hotel we stayed at the whole trip. The Inn at El Gaucho was tops. It was such an elegant clean little boutique hotel. You would have never known it was there. It was perfect. Reception was wonderful, room was wonderful, bed was sooo comfortable. Got many-a compliments from Tyler on my choice here! 

Ok, so we figured we arrived at 50% of all our hotels on teh trip after mindnight. We were very happy that the bars didnt close till 2, and that the Cyclops was open. Guy had to close up early, but we sneaked in for one very appreciated drink. Then headed across the street for pizza, thank goodness, we were starving. I ordered two pieces like a smart girl. Tyler asked me why he didnt order two pieces. I didnt know. 

Got up the next morning, and what did we do? Oh, you are a good guesser! walkin' shoes on. 

Everytime I see this kind of fish now,
all I can think of are Jay's tattoos.

How's your mous-taschi-wood?


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